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I have $125,000 in my bank account.

‍ And I have to make a choice ...

‍ Shall I invest the money in an index fund (boring) or buy a space flight ticket?

‍ The second option is what I want to talk about today.

Space Perspective.

‍ I discovered the startup last week and got fascinated by the way the company is re-thinking space tourism.

‍ Instead of building expensive rockets to bring people in space, Space Perspective is manufacturing space capsules attached to a stratosphere balloon that can reach space at a much cheaper cost.

‍ Yep. You can now buy a return ticket for space for just $125,000

‍ Not bad right? ‍

The flight lasts 6 hours and the capsule floats for 2 hours in space before descending into the sea where a ship awaits to help passengers disembarking.

‍ What I like the most about Space Perspective is that the startup is advancing what I like to call the Innovation Cost Ladder.

‍ Follow me.

‍ When innovations enter the market these have often ridiculous price points ... think of the computer for instance.

‍ But then thanks to a collective industry effort, costs go down and little by little the innovation becomes more accessible to everyone.

‍ This is exactly what's happening in the space industry.

‍ First, SpaceX found a way to reuse rockets to cut down costs.

‍ Now Space Perspective.

‍ What next?

‍ Sorry, just read that all of the startup's 500+ seats available for 2024 have already sold out!

‍ Need to book that ticket fast!

Written by Giacomo Bottoli

Read the full story here:


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