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2021: "I'm not buying an electric car ... too unreliable when it comes to charging"

Lightyear One: "hold my beer!"

What's that?

Hi there, today I'm covering a cool startup I discovered thanks to a reader of my newsletter.

The startup is Lightyear One.

Lightyear One is Dutch startup building a solar-powered EV (electric vehicle) that can drive for months without charging.


Exactly that!

The startup has developed and patented several new technologies that make the Lightyear One the most efficient & aerodynamic 5-seater car in the entire world!


The vehicle is covered in solar cells that recharge the vehicle on the go while reducing at the minimum the charging frequency needed to drive the car on long distances.

To give you an idea, a single charge allows Lightyear One to drive for 700+ km while consuming the lowest emission possible.

Basically you can go from London to Bern in Switzerland without having to stop at a charging station not even a single time!

Pretty impressive no?


I did a bit of research and discovered the startup is currently raising funds.

Minimum investment size of €250,000 to be transferred before the 31st Jan 2022!

Me: "I think I'll pass onto this one!"

Written by Giacomo Bottoli


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